Mountain villages around Bastia

After my little reconnaissance hike to Pietrabugno, I decided to do a longer walk through the mountain villages surrounding Bastia. I promised to do a little more detailed description for the site, so this post contains some information for anyone who would like to try the hike.

  • Distance: 22 kilometres
  • Ascent: around 600 metres (highest point 400 metres)
  • Time needed: 5-6 hours
  • Difficulty: easy, surfaced road
  • Possible to buy food and beverages half-way at San Martino-di-Lota
  • Variants: alternate ways to Ville-di-Pietrabugno, shortcut to Pietranera

The hike starts by walking up to Ville-di-Pietrabugno, which is a 3-4 kilometer walk depending on the chosen road. There are signs to Pietrabugno on Avenue Jean Zuccharelli, which runs in a westerly direction from the harbour. From Pietrabugno onwards, you only have to follow the D31 until Miomo. After that you can take the coast road back to Bastia.

The mountain roads aren’t that trafficed, there might be a car every ten minutes. The coast road to Bastia has quite a lot of traffic.

Map of hike around Bastia

 View over Pietrabugno

The road continues upwards after Ville-Di-Pietrabugno (6 km)

A view over Bastia

View over Bastia (6 km)

San Martino-di-Lota

Arriving to San Martino di Lota (9 km). In this village there is a hotel and restaurants. It was great to get cold water, since the temperature was close to 35 degrees.

Mountain village

During the hike, there were great views over the surrounding mountains and villages.

Targeted sign

Besides slogans for Corsican independence, you can find roadsigns that have been used for shotgun target practise.

The beach at Miomo

Down in Miomo (17 km), there is a small beach and an old Genoan watchtower. I would so have liked to go swimming, but hadn’t any swimwear with me…



  1. Thank you 🙂

    I came home with over 250 pictures. Must do a bit of cleaning and deleting, if I have 250 pictures from my every vacation, I’m ending up with a severe storage problem.

    There’s still some pictures to come, just have to take a little at a time.

  2. wow…I wanna go there too. Beautiful sorroudings! Is it an ok place for making short trips by foot too? See, I´m not as sporty as u…:)

    But be proud of those wrinkles around your eyes!
    (easy for me to say who use anti-wrinkle…)

  3. Corsica is a fantastic island, I’m sure you would love it. It’s easy and quite cheap to get there: flights to Nice and ferry to Corsica.

    You can do 5-10 km walks in the mountains too (and most of the days I did). I just got so caught by the beauty of the landscape, that I didn’t want to take any shortcuts home. My feet hurt, but mind rested.

    Those wrinkles probably come from many laughs and smiles. I don’t mind at all.

  4. location bungaluw en corse
    ecrivez moi si vous etes interressé .
    loue t2 a moriani 500 euro la semaine

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