Two first days in Bastia, Corsica

Corsica is in French known as L’île de Beauté, the island of beauty. It is by no way a bad description for this large, mountainous island. During my five nights at Corsica I came to really appreciate both the beautiful nature and the mix of French, Italian and local Corsican culture that makes the island so special.

I stayed in Bastia, a town with about 40.000 inhabitants, situated on the northwestern coast of Corsica. From there i both made hikes in the surrounding mountains and took a day trip by train to Corte, an old town in the centre of the island. I took masses of pictures on Corsica, so I’ll publish them in separate posts.

Bastia pilot boat

The pilot boat meets my ferry to guide us into Bastia harbour

Performers at Shopping de Nuit in Bastia

Going out to shop some food, I was surprised to find all the stores open and live music performed in every corner. This was Shopping de nuit, a local happening, where all shops are open until midnight. The music gave a great start to my stay in Bastia.

A house in Ville de Pietrabugno

The first full day, I went on a small walk up in the mountains surrounding Bastia. I visited the little village of Ville de Pietrabugno, with beautiful stone roofed houses.

Dressed for the sun

The day temperature was constantly high above 30 degrees and the sky cloudless, so it was best to cover the head. A small pause in Ville de Pietrabugno.

Posing in front of the Casabianca

Posing in front of the Casabianca submarine’s conning tower. Note the wrinkles around the eyes. 30+ begins to show 😉

Bastia harbour lights

I went searching for a good place to enjoy the evening and read a few chapters in a book. I found it below the harbour light to the right. The evening was beautiful.

A sailboat arriving at the Bastia harbour

Sitting by the small lighthouse, I took some pictures of arriving boats.

Sailboat arriving at Bastia

This sailboat made a brief visit in the harbour. 

Evening in Bastia

Darkness falling, lights of the old town reflect in the harbour water.

Bastia harbour lighthouse

Darkness falls, and the lighthouse goes into work.

Bastille Day fireworks in Bastia

It was Bastille Day, and thus there were fantastic fireworks. Taking pictures with long exposure time can give a nice effect.

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