Tram at the end of the road

When cycling around in Helsinki, this tram, that seems to be stripped for spare parts, caught my attention.

The nice thing about the Internet is the ease to find additional information about nearly anything. This tram was built in 1956 and has the previous few years been used for charter rides. It was pulled from service in October last year. Now looking at the empty seats and the signs from twenty years ago telling about the FIM 110 penalty fare for riding without a ticket (the fare for that this day is 80 euros, equaling nearly FIM 500) makes you think how time flies by.

There are still a few of these fifties trams in museum and charter traffic, hope this gives some good spares for them. It has done a long service, probably I rode it as a kid too.

There is a picture of the tram in happier days at

I took the pics with my Nokia E75 mobile phone. I think the quality is ok for being mobile pics.

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