Posted by: virtualnothingness | June 15, 2008

CouchSurfing Nordic meeting in Stockholm

I’m surfing away some time at Arlanda airport, waiting for my flight back to Helsinki. I’ve spent the weekend in Stockholm with Ellie, attending a Nordic CouchSurfing meeting.

It has been a great time, on Friday first visiting Drottningholm and Kina slott, and in the evening meeting CouchSurfers and my friends Ricard and Marianne from Oslo for the first time in a long time. Saturday was spent just hanging around and recovering from the previous night, while Sunday included a CS brunch at my favourite cafeteria String in Söder and a good guided tour around the local alleys.

Ellie at Drottningholm Palace

Ellie outside Drottningholm Palace

Me outside Kina Palace

A Royal Pose outside Kina Palace

Animal attacks me

Animal attacks me, but Anni saves me from being slaughtered

CouchSurfing guides outside Bellman\'s house

CS guided tour: C.M. Bellman’s house

Ellie, Martin, Marianne and Anni

Ellie, me, Marianne and Anni

Ricard and Anni

Ellie and a classic Stockholm view

Me and the view over Stockholm

Tremendous advertisment

I love this advertisment… Maybe understandable even for people not speaking Swedish 🙂




  1. Great photos! I didn’t know you were a “biker dude” : ) — I was in Girona once, too, aeons ago … thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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