CouchSurfing Nordic meeting in Stockholm

I’m surfing away some time at Arlanda airport, waiting for my flight back to Helsinki. I’ve spent the weekend in Stockholm with Ellie, attending a Nordic CouchSurfing meeting.

It has been a great time, on Friday first visiting Drottningholm and Kina slott, and in the evening meeting CouchSurfers and my friends Ricard and Marianne from Oslo for the first time in a long time. Saturday was spent just hanging around and recovering from the previous night, while Sunday included a CS brunch at my favourite cafeteria String in Söder and a good guided tour around the local alleys.

Ellie at Drottningholm Palace

Ellie outside Drottningholm Palace

Me outside Kina Palace

A Royal Pose outside Kina Palace

Animal attacks me

Animal attacks me, but Anni saves me from being slaughtered

CouchSurfing guides outside Bellman\'s house

CS guided tour: C.M. Bellman’s house

Ellie, Martin, Marianne and Anni

Ellie, me, Marianne and Anni

Ricard and Anni

Ellie and a classic Stockholm view

Me and the view over Stockholm

Tremendous advertisment

I love this advertisment… Maybe understandable even for people not speaking Swedish 🙂


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  1. Great photos! I didn’t know you were a “biker dude” : ) — I was in Girona once, too, aeons ago … thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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