Snigel Speed in Lohja 24

This post is soo late, but I’ll do it anyway. On the Constitution day of Norway, 17th of May, our cycling team Snigel Speed with young and older re-enforcments had the pleasure to participate in the ninth Lohja 24 cycling charity event. This makes it the sixht time for Snigel Speed and fifth for me.

This year I had Ellie as a visitor, so I left the XC riding to the tough guys and went for the scenic side event ride around Lohjanjärvi (70 km) with her. Ellie is a tough girl. Rain and hard wind for over half the distance, but not a word of complaint. That is the spirit; Cycling is fun, come rain or come shine.

Snigel junior team and Petri

The next generation of Snigel riders: Ossi, Sofia and Nuutti with Petri as mechanic

Tero and Kerttu

Tero again took responsibility of bringing a guard dog. This time Kerttu.

Fixing the wrongly assembled tent

Deja-vu feeling. We ALWAYS forget to put the freaking bag over the tent pole!

Ellie and Martin in Svartå

Me and Ellie smiling after tens of kilometers of rain and wind. Sauna and jacuzzi awaits!


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