Rain day with Els Angels

Sunday was a rain day, and we decided to try to wait the rain out. In the evening the rain ceased, and we went out riding. Tero and Petri opted for going towards Salt, while I couldn’t resist riding down to Els Angels to try the famous climb.

Els Angels is really close to central Girona, only about four kilometers to the start of the 10 km climb, which thankfully has a few kilometers of flat halfway. The climb is known as Hells Angels among the local English-speaking riders, and is also featured in Lance Armstrong’s book.

From the city side, the climb isn’t that hard, mainly due to the flat section. The next day I experienced it from the other side having ridden 80 kilometers, and that wasn’t as nice.

Riding down was great, although a little thunder shower caught me, making the corners slippery.

Though it wasn’t a hard climb, it did get me sweaty. Behind me the rain is coming

The road down Els Angels towards Girona

The Els Angels road down to Girona

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