Pictures from Hincapie climb, Monells and Madremanya

Our second guided ride with Jaume took us east of Girona, over St:a Pellaia (populary known as the Hincapie climb due to the many road paintings with his name) to Monells and via Madremanya back to Girona avoiding the Els Angels climb this time. In all it was about 67 kilometers and still quite an easy ride.

I can truly recommend Jaume and Bikecat to get to know the best rides around Girona. We used him as a guide for the first two days, and got enough tips and ideas to make good tours by our own the rest of the stay.

Heading out of Girona somewhere near Campllong

Jaume Passing through Cassa de la Selva

Jaume on the phone in Cassa de la Selva

Riding the Hincapie climb

Riding the Hincapie climb from Cassa de la Selva is easy, only 2.5 kilometres of uphill, followed by ten kilometers of downhill.

Martin in Hincapie climb

Since the climb was easy, I even took time to photograph myself. Note the advanced air conditioning.

Tero and a cat in Monells

In Monells we had a tea break and were joined by some curious cats. They liked to try their claws on the lycra. Tero sitting with one of our feline friends.


Monells is a beautiful old little town

Riding down to Madremanya

This is one of the classic views around Girona, riding down to Madremanya.

Riding the Catalunyan countryside

Jaume took a little sprint and jumped into a flowery field to get a good pic of us all

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