Easter in Lisbon

This year I spent the Easter in Lisbon and surroundings with Ellie. It was my first visit to Portugal, but surely not the last.

Coming from Finland with temperatures at around zero (c) in March, the 15-20 degrees in Lisbon felt really nice. Most of all, it was great to get some sun.

I had been trying to study some basic Portuguese, but at this visit it didn’t yet give my skills to communicate that much. At least Portuguese is quite easy to read, my basic Spanish and intermediate French was enough to help me understand most signs and posters.

We spent the first night in Odivelas (a suburb north of the centre) at Ellie’s apartment, then two nights close to Troía south of the city, and the last two nights again in Odivelas. Here’s some pictures from the trip.

Ponte Vasco de Gama

Ponte Vasco de Gama is the newer and longer of the two bridges over Tagus river. It is the longest bridge in Europe with a total length of 17 km

Flower in Lisbon

Spring feelings

Expo 98 funicular

A view from the funicular built for Expo 98

Ellie and Tiquino

Ellie has three cats; Tiguinho is the most social and cuddly

Setúbal harbour

Waiting for the ferry to Troía in Setúbal

Beach in Tro�a

In Troía, there is tens of kilometers of perfect beach. Me beating the sea.

Dog company

This friendly dog made us company for the start of our cycling trip in Troía. After a few kilometers it decided to return home

Cycling in Tro�a

By far the best cycling weather this year, at least for a Finn

Football game

The best matches maybe are already played on this game

Morning coffee

Portugal has a really strong coffee culture and great coffee

Storks in Tro�a

Troía is full of storks, and they build nests anywhere possible


Orange trees are common in the yards

Beach in Tro�a

A beach view near the ferry to Setúbal

Martin at the beach

Me showing the latest beach fashion

Lunch with Ellie’s family

Lunch with Ellie’s father. I loved the fish dishes in Portugal

Ponte 25 de Abril

Ponte 25 de Abril is often compared to Golden Gate

Tiquino plays

Tiguinho loves to play until he gets dizzy or tired

Puska gets some medicine

Pushka is the most shy of Ellie’s cats. Time for some medicine

Tiquino and Martin

Tiguinho and I soon became friends

Curious Kelly

Kelly stayed at a distance, but relaxed more and more when she got used to my presence

Alto de São João cemetery

Alto de São João is a beautiful old cemetery in central Lisbon

View over Lisbon

An evening view over Lisbon from close to the castle

Ellie and Martin

Ellie, me and Lisbon

Lamps at Chapito

Chapito is a restaurant/bar/theatre that really is worth a visit

Lisbon facade

Lisbon facade



  1. Martin,
    I’m an expat (American) living in Oslo for a bit….my wife and i are thinking of going to Lisbon and Porto this year over Easter break. how was your experience? did closures get in the way of seeing/doing things? thanks.

  2. Hi James!

    Easter in Portugal was a really nice experience, with quite warm weather but not too many tourists. During our stay, we didn’t notice Easter that much through closures or so. At least restaurants seemed to be open normally.

    Probably many shops are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but restaurants and other services seem to work quite normally.

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