Five days in Helsinki and Tallinn

Last week I had Ellie visiting for five days, and it was her first time in Finland. Still, I thought it would be nice to take her to Tallinn during her stay too, since a wintery Helsinki isn’t that exotic for someone who lives in Oslo.

Here’s some pictures from her stay, and hopefully some good ideas for other coming to Helsinki or Tallinn.

Untidiness forbidden

On the first day, we went to the Uspenski Cathedral, and also visited the Hotel Katajanokka, which only six years ago was a jail. On our way back to the centre, we found this writing on a wall. Translated from Finnish it is about “Untidiness prohibited”. Obey or be punished.

Helsinki Kauppahalli

 At Kauppahalli close to the Market Square, you can do cozy shopping at cold winter days

Suomenlinna dry dock

The dry dock at Suomenlinna fortress islands hosts many ships under repair and in winter storage. Closest is the lighthouseship Relandersgrund and in the background a decomissioned corvette of the Turunmaa class

Guns of Suomenlinna

The coastal artillery of Suomenlinna fortress. I would probably get a good flight if the gun was fired here…

View from Suomenlinna to the west

Ellie poses with the sunset. The wind was really hard and cold

Silja in Kustaanmiekka

Kustaanmiekka is a great place for a picnic around five when the feries to Sweden pass. Silja Serenade came first…

Picnic at Kustaanmiekka

..and waiting for the next ship there was time for some salad…

Viking Gabriella in Kustaanmiekka

…when Viking Gabriella passed, it was already much darker

Wintery Vantaankoski

The following day I worked and Ellie wen out exploring by herself. Here is Vantaankoski

Martin and Ellie at Silja Star

In the evening we took the fast ferry to Tallinn

Raekoja plats

Tallinn has a beautiful medieval old town with numerous places worth visiting

Martin chained

…and it was time to get chained for a while. No whipping, though…

View from Toompea

From Toompea you have a great view over the city. The big church is called Olaviste,  it had the highest tower in Europe for a long time

Ellie’s Matryoshka doll

Ellie bought a Matryoshka doll and “tested it” at the Tristan and Isolde cafeteria

Dinner at Olde Hansa

Waiting for food at Olde Hansa we had some time to test different lightning effects on the camera…

Ellie at Olde Hansa

…candles and no flash

At Olde Hansa

And us both with flash

Waitress at Olde Hansa

Our waitress at Olde Hansa

Ellie with (fake fur) hat

Ellie with a (of course fake) fur hat…

Martin in fake fur hat

…which I had to try too. I would make a great cossack!

Depeche Mode Bar in Tallinn

I love the Depeche Mode Bar in Tallinn. Just a great place!

Coffee cup carousel at Linnanmäki amusement park

Back in Helsinki we went to Linnanmäki amusement park, which is open for a week in the winter. Most machines are closed, but the coffee cup carousel was running

Sledging at Linnanmäki

My dad tried a really modern kick sledge

Family portrait at Linnanmäki

Me, my sister and dad posing for a family portrait

Ellie riding the tyre

Ellie went downhill on a tyre

A shark at Helsinki SeaLife

Helsinki has a great SeaLife aquarium with sharks and all kinds of maritime life

Medusas at Helsinki SeaLife

…like the beautiful medusas

Hilarious bus ride

In the evening we went for dinner to a friend and had some time to look like clowns during the bus ride

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