Helsinki winter II

Some more pictures from the strange winter in Helsinki. The weather is changing all the time with everything between sunshine, rain, snow, storm, warm and cold. For the first time I can remember, there is no sea ice in February.


View of the sea at Lauttasaari an afternoon in January

Lauttasaari lookout tower

At the top of Myllykallio in Lauttasaari, there is a lookout tower. My father is enjoying the view

Morning in Kallio

One morning when I went to work, the sky looked like this

Wheel and ice

Out cycling in Oulunkylä, I found what was left of some old bike

Lauttasaari in ice

High water made this three branch icy

Icy Lauttasaari

The sea really doesn’t look that inviting right now…

Wooden boat in ice

…so the best place for an old boat is up the shore

Mihaela, Martin and Tim at Torni

My Australian/English CouchSurfing friends Mihaela and Tim seem to really enjoy the snow, posing at Hotelli Torni

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