CouchSurfing New Year in Oslo

I took some days off, and went to Oslo to celebrate new year at a big party arranged by the local CouchSurfers. It was a fantastic long weekend with lots of activities and nice new aquintances. Not so much to describe with words, a few pictures describes the fun better.

CouchSurfers at Mr Hong’s

Pre-party dinner at Mr Hong’s

Ola, Martin and Michelle

Oli, me and Mihaela in Ellie’s kitchen

Kid learning to skate

A child learning to skate at Narvisen

Blücher anchor

The anchor of German heavy cruiser Blücher, sunk in Oslofjord 1940

Ellie and Charlotte

Ellie and Charlotte at the party

Oslo fireworks

We had a good view over the fireworks

Three “Finns”

The three “Finns” Martin, Bente (well, 25%) and Timo

Irma, Claudia, Henry and Sanne

Rita, Claudia, Henry and Sanne

Claire, our bartender

Claire, our star late-night bartender

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