Posted by: virtualnothingness | December 15, 2007

A visit to Oslo

Last weekend I took a trip to Oslo to fetch the last things from my apartment there over to Helsinki. During the visit I also had the possibility to meet my friends and experience a Norwegian Julebord (Christmas buffet) and some excellent time at a Christmas party at a hotel in Asker in the company of Elisabete, Jeff and Myriam.

Here’s a few pictures from the trip.

Céline and Marianne

Céline and Marianne 

Myriam and Elisabete

Myriam and Elisabete


Me myself

Jeff at the hotel

Jeff at the hotel in Asker

Fun in the pool

We arrived at the hotel early, which gave lots of time to enjoy the pool

Me and Jeff at the Julebord

Me and Jeff at the Julebord

Martin, Elisabete, Alexandra, Thomas and Jeff

Martin, Elisabete, Alexandra, Thomas and Jeff

Jeff, Martin, Myriam, Elisabete

…and Jeff, Martin, Myriam and Elisabete

Jeff and Myriam

Myriam and Jeff on the dance floor

Me and Elisabete

Me and Elisabete outside the hotel

Martin at Jaja’s

On Sunday it was time for really spicy Thai food at excellent Jaja’s


QE2 happened to be in the port, it was nice to meet this old friend too


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