Last week in Oslo and Halloween

Every good thing comes to an end, and now it was time for me to pack my stuff and move back to Finland. My half year in Oslo gave me great experiences, memories for a lifetime and a bunch of great friends.

Here are some pics from the last week in Oslo. Most of them are from  Øyvind’s great Halloween party.

Myriam and Marianne

Myriam and Marianne started rehearsing for Halloween in the Tuesday CS meeting.

Sweaty cyclist at Frongersetern

On Friday, I rode Tryvannshoyda for the seventh and last time. On the way down, it was time for a traditional sweaty cyclist -picture at Frongersetern.

Halloween window

At Øyvind’s house, on Saturday, everything began to be in place for the Halloween party.

Martin as Dracula

As darkness fell, I made a slow and painful transformation…

Myriam and Jeff

Myriam and Jeff

Martin and Øyvind

Martin and Øyvind

Øyvind, Alva and Rishi

Øyvind, Alva and Rishi

Marianne and Myriam eating mice

Delicious food was served. Marianne and Myriam tasting.

Martin and Myriam

Vampires have to feed too. Martin and Myriam.

Halloween food

Food for mortals.

Dracula transforms

Dracula transforms to another shape.

The clown gets the wig

The evil clown does her work.

Martin and Marianne

Martin and Marianne. Both have fangs. Peak of the evolution.

Ellie and Myriam

Ellie and Myriam


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