Street animals in Istanbul

The streets of Istanbul are full of stray cats, dogs and occasionally other animals. I couldn’t resist to take lots and lots of pics of them. Here are some of the best.

Three dogs taking a break

Three dogs sleeping in Taksim

Happy dog in Heybeliada

A really happy one in Heybeliada

What’s up

…wondering what the photographer is up to

I’m going to be Garfield

A kitten that is growing up to be Garfield

Horse feeding at Heybeliada

Horse feeding time at Heybeliada (okay, it’s not a stray horse…)

Curious kitten

A curious kitten in Taksim

Needs a wash

Dirty birdlife

Should I make a go for it?

Hunter’s instincts?

Orange cat

Posing somewhere in Vaniköy

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