Posted by: virtualnothingness | October 31, 2007

…and some uncategorized views from Istanbul

My days in Istanbul could had made twenty separate posts, but I have to stop somewhere. These are some of the best pictures that wouldn’t get their own posts.

Bosphorus ferry
A typical Bosphorus ferry and the ever present fishermen at Eminömü

An old man and the Golden Horn 

The old man and the sea at Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge Fishermen

The Galata Bridge is full of recreational fishers during day

Galata Bridge at night

…and Galata Bridge during night

Levent skyscraper

I took the metro to posh Levent for some expensive shopping. Found great shoes.

Wooden house in Fatih

An old wooden house in Fatih

Church of the Pantocrator

Zeyrek Camii, former Church of the Pantocrator

The Blue Mosque 

The Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet

Quiet night in Sultanahmet

Quiet Sultanahmet streets at night

The classic tram running through Taksim

The classic tram running through Taksim

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The Bazaar district in the early evening

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

…more from the Bazaar. Didn’t take many pics to avoid being caught by touts

Lamp shop at Istanbul Grand Bazaar 

Lightning at the Bazaar

Martin in Ortaköy

Martin has reached Ortaköy near the Bosphorus Bridge

The Bosphorus Bridge 

…and this is the bridge between Europe and Asia

Hagia Eirene

Hagia Eirene is in Topkapi park and is as old as neighbouring Hagia Sofia



  1. Good post. Sultanahmet is beatiful place. Blue mosque is great.
    I will return to istanbul.

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