About WordPress being blocked in Turkey

As I posted a week ago, I was surprised to find access to WordPress being blocked in Turkey. I anyway had a few posts published by mailing them to my sister, who did the publishing.

Back in the completely free Internet, I just had to check out what is going on, and above all why.

It seems that the lawyers of a, to put it mildly, controversial Turkish writer Harun Yahya (see Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harun_Yahya) in August managed to get a court ruling blocking access to all of WordPress, since the service refused to blacklist blogs containing negative writings and opinions about the writer and his teachings.

Here’s a good article about the situation and other services being blocked by the Turkish Government: http://istanbuldespatch.wordpress.com/2007/08/30/now-its-cnn-blocked-in-turkey-2/

It is so sad, that so many completely uninvolved users have to suffer for this. I hope for a fast solution in the spirit of free speech. I completely agree with WordPress’ decision not to apply censorship on these blogs.

Unblock WordPress in Turkey


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