Walk around the Golden Horn

Watching the map of Istanbul, I got the idea of walking around the Golden Horn. The main reason to do it was that I wanted to see parts of the city that aren’t too tourist infested. It also felt like a cool thing to have done.

It was by no means the easiest walk to do. The route is in many places interrupted by big motorways and dead ends. In some places you’ll have to walk on small tracks, in other take big detours to walk around military installations. I would think it was about 20 kilometres, and one of the best things I did during the trip.

Golden Horn

This picture from Galata Bridge shows that the walk around the Golden Horn isn’t a short one


Starting from Sultanahmet, the walk first took me through the Grand Bazaar district.

Acveduct of Valens

In Fatih, there is a remaining part of The Aqueduct of Valens.

Walls of Constantinople

Finally outside the old walls of Constantinople. The old walled city was huge.

Golden Horn restaurant boat 

A restaurant boat with a great cemetery accessible by funicular in the background

Istanbul view 

A scenic view back towards the old city

Martin has “crossed the horn”

I’m looking content, because I’m finally on the other side of the Golden Horn on my way back towards Taksim. For a while it felt like it would never end.

Evening view in Istanbul

Starting in the morning, it was nearly night when I returned.

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