CouchSurfing Istanbul

The more I have travelled, the more I have understood how the best travel experiences involve getting to know local people. As I had such a short trip, I still decided to start the social bit as late as on day five, with a CouchSurfing Pub Picnic in Taksim.

The idea of the picnic was to prepare or buy some local food to share (I bought Baklavas), while the drinks were bought from the bar. There were about a hundred guests, and I at least chatted with Americans, New Zeelanders, Indians, Dutch, Germans and many many locals.

The evening continued late, and prepped up with some late tequila, I was very happy when Zeynep and Murat who live nearby offered me a couch. Istanbul feels safe, but the wee hours and a not too sober state isn’t a good choice in any big city. That also gave me the chance to have a great breakfast with my hosts and get real friends in Istanbul.

CS Pub Picnic, Istanbul 

Spirits up at Cafe Bi Dunya

Dancing at CS Pub Picnic

Oh my name memory sucks! (sorry) and Zeynep on the right

Zeynep’s cat

Zeynep’s cat, who chose to sleep on my head 🙂

Alice, the wonder dog

Zeyneps cute dog Alice. She is a cross-breed between a terrier and a street dog, and has the biggest ears in the world (besides being generally crazy)

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