Bonham’s bass pedal

For the about twenty year’s I’ve been listening to Led Zeppelin, I’ve surely listened to Since I’ve been loving you a few hundred times. Actually, I’ve always thought of it as one of the band’s best tunes.

I’ve developed a new (bad?) habit of now and then looking up songs in Wikipedia to learn more about their background and anecdotes around the recording of them. This time I read something that probably will influence my listening to the song from now on; Through the song you can quite clearly hear the squeak of John Bonham’s bass drum pedal, which must have been a little short of lubrication (now you probably dust of your old LZ records and curse me forever).

I’ll surely always remember this thing about the squeak when I listen to the song, but then it is just a remnant from times when studio recordings weren’t over sterilized by perfectionists. I also read that Jimmy Pages had problems getting the solo right. Well, so would I.

Time for a list! My five favourite Led Zeppelin songs:

1) Kashmir
2) Ten years gone
3) Since I’ve been loving you
4) The rain song
5) When the levee breaks

Time to wrap up at work and start the weekend over a few pints with my Finnish colleagues. I like weekends. Strange.

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