Cycling in Nordmarka

I am happy to live on the border to the large woods that surround Oslo. Most weekends I cycle out exploring the seemingly endless trails, probably never being more than 25 km from home. Still, the scenery mostly remind me of Lapland or the big forests in Eastern Finland.

Here are some pics from the 85 km ride I did on Saturday and 45 km ride I did on Sunday. Both were excellent rides, giving the legs good exercise in the ascents and less rain than in many days. I feel that I’m getting into a good shape for the fall.


Always imposible to really catch a view on camera


Rainy August shows


The new header image of my blog 🙂


About 400 metres of height here, but the lake is at 250 metres too.


The perfect bike, light but can take some terrain too. I’m very satisfied.


Kikutstua, one of several lodges for hikers and cyclists.

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