…and the last pictures from Genoa

And now, my friends, we’ve finally reached the last pictures from my vacation. It is time to start living in present time with the blogging too.

Here’s a few pictures from Genova taken after the visit to Staglieno.

Detail of San Lorenzo

Details of the San Lorenzo Cathedral (as I wrote before, I spent hours and hours just sitting on the steps watching the surrounding street life)

Genoa ligthouse

I wanted a picture of the lighthouse in action, combined with a nice evening sky.

Street in Genoa

A quiet street.

Genoa mosaics

Workers were laying new street mosaics. What a task!

Couple at San Lorenzo

Newly-weds in Genoa often have their picture taken at the San Lorenzo Cathedrals steps. In Oslo, they often go up to Frognersetern to do the same.

Famous Genoan

In the 14th century, Black Death spread through Europe via Genoa. The rats (or their fleas) have always played a role as transmitters of plague. This rodent had no comments on the matter.

Night sky from plane

Flying home from Milan, I was greeted with this night sky. We have this Finnish beer, that uses these colors in their advertising..

Finally I got through all the vacation photo’s. You too, thank you for your patience 😉

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