A few days in Genoa

The logical continuation of my European tour was Genoa, the city that ruled over Corsica for hundreds of years. It also happened to be the most interesting of the choices I had among the ferry connections from Bastia.

My first time in Italy! Here are some pictures from the first two days I stayed in Genoa.

Genoa pilot boat

I just had to make it a tradition to take a photograph of the Pilot boat when arriving to the harbour…

Moby ferry in Genoa harbour

I used the Moby ferry link from Bastia. I think it’s great that Moby always decorates their ships with cartoons or other colourful themes. They really stand out.

Polanski’s pirate ship in Genoa

This pirate ship replica was used in some movie by Polanski. Don’t know which, I’m not that into pirate movies.

At the Genoa aquarium

Ugly, uglier… Traveller meets deep sea fish at the Genoa aquarium. They had a movie about them too. In Italian…

Jellyfish in Genoa aquarium

There were beautiful jellyfish at the aquarium. If there hadn’t been so many screaming kids, I’d stayed watching them for long.

Colibri at Genoa Aquarium

The best thing at the aquarium in my view was the Hummingbird room. I’ve only once seen a Hummingbird (at Curacao), but here you could walk among them and get really close.

Genoa lighthouse

The Genoa lighthouse is the oldest one in use, and third highest in the world. It takes a bit of a walk from the centre to come there, but it’s well worth the effort.

Genoa Vespas

In Genoa, like obviously Italy in general, Vespas are really common modes of transport. And yes, the gate towers behind are famous too.

Fooling around at the Genoa Maritime Museum

Trying out a Falconet gun at the Maritime Museum. The exhibit was really fun. Like I posted before, I missed some exhibits about the SS Andrea Doria.

View over Genoa

A view over Genoa from the roof of the Maritime Museum. It is a bit sad that the freeway takes so much space in the waterfront. On the other hand, it makes the streets in the centre much more peaceful.

Genova street view

The old city centre is full of alleys like this. Some are full of tourists, I liked the more peaceful, remote ones.

On the stairs of the St Lawrence Cathedral, Genoa

During my trip, I found a favourite place in every city. In Genoa, it was the stairs of the St Lawrence (Lorenzo) Cathedral. A beautiful surrounding, street life around you, and shadow during the heat of the day. I spent many hours just sitting on the stairs and watching people go by.


  1. I just saw your jellyfish picture when i did a google search for jellyfish. I read the caption and I completely agree! I was at the Genoa Aquarium a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe all the screaming kids!

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