At the Riviera: Nice, Monaco and Cannes

After four nights in London, it was time to fly to the sunny Riviera. I stayed in Nice and visited both Monaco and Cannes during my days at the Riviera. Here’s some pictures from this part of the trip. Next stop will be Corsica.

Joy at Cote d’Azur

A happy chap, newly arrived to Nice.

Dangerous games

Access forbidden, but doesn’t seem to stop the local boys. A fall from the narrow path to the jump tower could be fatal.

Nice Mansion

A beautiful old palace. I can only imagine the jet-set parties held there in better days.

In front of The Casino

Posing in front of the Monte Carlo Casino. Other tourists went inside in shorts, but I thought the only right style would be to come in the evening fully dressed up. That will be another day.

A classic view of Monaco

This is the classic view of Monaco, from the casino towards the city.

Jonna, Jarkko and the yachts (not theirs)

I met Jonna and Jarkko in Cannes. They stayed in St Raphael, so Cannes was  conveniently in the middle. Nice yachts by the way. Think I couldn´t even afford the fuel for a trip. I also have better things to do with my money 🙂

The good life 

I think we spent most of the day at different restaurants. By no means a bad way to spend a sunny day in Cannes.

Pink is the colour of the day

Jarkko and I both happened to choose the same style for the day. Of course, in Cannes all stylish men go for pink.

The beach in Nice

Somehow, I often feel happiest at dark beaches. In Nice, the beach had great round stones, that rattled with a beautiful sound when the waves went out. Loved it.

Nice Mansions

Here’s a few houses in Nice I could consider living in. Or actually, I’d rather take many small houses in different parts of the world. I don’t ask for much 😉


  1. hey…you and Jarkko look like brothers!

    I totally agree that there are many nice houses round the world I could consider living in. I always seem to find them wherever I travel…strange.

  2. It was great to meet Jarkko and Jonna in Cannes, and we had a big laugh at our similar style for the day. We have travelled together before (Liverpool this spring), and really have a good time on the road.

    Yes, and those nice houses don’t necessary have to be palaces like in the picture. At some point in a not too distant future, I hope to take half a year off and rent a simple bungalow somewhere at a distant and quiet beach. Because I’m worth it 😉

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