Brompton, one of the magnificent seven

Last year when I was in London, I visited Highgate, the maybe most legendary of the magnificent seven cemeteries in London.

The magnificent seven are seven Victorian cemeteries that were founded in the first half of the 19th century. When I visited Highgate I got so interested in Victorian graveyards, that I just had to visit the next one when I returned to London in the beginning of July.

I also bought the book Necropolis by Catharine Arnold, that gives insight to the burial customs in London. Having read the book, I have much more insight into the customs and symbolism around these Victorian Valhallas. 

Brompton wasn’t hard to get to, as it lies in Kensington Chelsea, conveniently a few hundred yards from my hotel. I took a few pictures, and chose to take them in black and white.





In Genoa I visited Staglieno, the famous monumental cemetery. Pictures from there coming up later. Read about the Magnificent seven in Wikipedia:

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