Some comments on the Tour

As I mentioned, I’ve many times during my travel taken a hotel break in the afternoon to see the stage finish of the Tour de France.

Yesterday, it was time for the first real time trial (or contre le montre, as the French cleverly call it). Of course it had to rain, but it was a real drama. Alexander Vinokurov showed that it is to early to count him out of the contest. Andreas Kloeden had a fall, but still should be the number one Astana rider.

The biggest surprise was the performance of Michael Rasmussen, who isn’t known to be a good time trialist. He lost only 2:30 minutes, and kept his yellow jersey. This in the middle of the doping accusations that have been discussed in the media during the recent days. I’ll stay neutral in this issue, until we know more…

Kjell Carlstrom took it easy, saving energy for the Pyrenees. His at 62nd position, and a few good mountain stages could even give him a place in the top 50. Thumbs up, his doing a great job.

I started this voyage by watching the prologue in London and first stage to Canterbury. It really feels like I’ve been on the road for a while, and those guys just continue driving. The Tour is the best sporting event in the world. Period.



  1. Tervetuloa Suomeen! Minulla on komisario Lynleyn 2. tuotantokausi, jonka saat kunhan olen katsonut. Tule käymään nyt, kun olet kotimaassa, jos on aikaa…

  2. Kiitos!

    Katsotaan, löytyisikö hyvä aika. Ellei muuta, voisin poiketa tervehtimässä pyörälenkillä. Toisaalta Suomen säät eivät hirveästi tue ulkoilua tällä viikolla. Ellei tällä kerralla onnistu, niin buukataan vaikka aika kalenterista jo ennen seuraavaa käyntiäni Suomessa. Kalenterini räjähtää aina kun käyn täällä, vaikka sehän on tavallaan kivaa 🙂

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