Staglieno and returning home

Yesterday, I visited the Maritime Museum of Genoa. It contained great exhibits, but I was surprised that it didn’t even mention the most famous ship of the city, Andrea Doria. It is fifty years since it sunk outside of Nantucket, could it be that it still is a too sad memory for the Genovese? 

Today, I’m going to end my travel with a trip to a cemetery (don’t we all…). Staglieno in Genoa is one of the main sights in Genoa with fantastic giant monuments on a hillside a little bit outside the city centre.

Tomorrow I’ll take the train to Milano, and fly back to Finland. Besides having some time to see my friends, I’m really longing to:

  • eat some rye bread
  • cook my own food
  • get on my road bike
  • wash all of my dirty clothes
  • play the guitar
  • see who wins the Tour
  • publish the best of my pictures (watch this blog…)

It has been a wonderful trip, full of new experiences and lots of time to think things over. Batteries charged, I feel ready to return.

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