Beautiful Genoa

..or Genova, as it is called in Italian.

This is a great city, nearly giving an overdose of impressing architecture and history. Thus, I’ve decided to not even try to pinpoint any sights to see, but only stroll around and feel the atmosphere.

Yesterday I however did a few touristy things, like a visit to the aquarium, which is said to be the largest in Europe. It was nice, but after seeing most of the sea animals in the wild during vacations in Thailand and the Carribean, it just feels a bit sad to see them locked up in tanks. A great experience was the little room with Hummingbirds flying around. I’ve seen hummingbirds in the wild too, but never so close.

I also visited the old lighthouse, although it is quite difficult to walk around the seafront here due to autostradas and the off-limits section of the port, which is a bit sad, since Genoa is a sea town.

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