Cannes et Ile de Corse

I spent Thursday fashionably in Cannes, meeting Jonna and Jarkko. The day was actually full of food and wine, with a little shopping and yachtwatching in between.

It was a great day, always nice to meet friends while traveling. Cannes was a nice little town, but of course quite touristy.

On Friday it was time to move on to Corsica. In the harbour, while waiting for the ferry, I noticed a yacht, Northern cross, flying the Finish flag. I got curious and checked it out on the web. The yacht is for lease at 98000 euros per week… I must say I’d do quite many, and probably richer experiencewise, holidays on that budget.

The ferry ride to Corsica was great, and Bastia greeted me with a Nuit de shopping; All stores open til midnight and great live music on the car-free streets.

I bought nothing, but boy did I enjoy the music: Aerosmith, Portishead, Lennon, Pink Floyd, Eminem en français, Eagles, a great walking big band and a female jazz singer. All in a warm Corsican night.. I forgot to get something to eat, but got all the more soul food.

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