Tour de France in London and Canterbury

One of my dreams has always been to witness the Tour. Now I’ve done it, and it was really worth the effort to come to London.

We (I traveled with Tero, one of my Finnish cycling friends) had a bit of unluck with the flight to London on Friday, it was delayed for three hours. That ment that we arrived at our Hotel in Kensington & Chelsea at 1 AM instead of in the evening. That also ment that we were quite tired for the first two days.

On Saturday, the prologue took place around the Serpentine in Hyde Park. It was a nice afternoon, seeing all the riders pass at about 60 km/h with about a minute between every rider. I took some pictures, but the riders were actually a bit fast for my pocket camera.. I also missed the chance to take a picture of the winner Cancellara,  because he surprised me coming about half a minute earlier than the average drivers 🙂

On Sunday we took the train to Canterbury, and watched the finish of the first real stage. It was a great feeling to stand at the 500 m sign waiting for the sprinters to come. And oh my, they were fast! Robbie McEwen took the stage, having taken a fall ony 21 kilometres from the finish line. A really phenomenous recovery!

It was also great to see Canterbury,  a really beautiful place. London is nice, as always. I just find it hard to understand how Labour in so may years really haven’t been able to do more about the situation for the homeless. It hurts to see them.

Now waiting for a haircut (about time…) and tomorrow I’ll fly to Nice. That’s n…

Pics coming up when I’m home.

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