Piloting is for short people

This time I’m spending five days in my home town Helsinki, which gives me time to do all kinds of stuff. During the first two days I’ve:

  • finally started the road season with my trusty Olmo bike
  • enjoyed great food at Maharaja with Mika
  • seen Finland loose against Serbia in football with Mika & Pegu
  • visited Jonna and Jarkko
  • been enjoying the new non-smoking regulation in a pub in fierce pinball competition with Jarkko
  • helped a girl escort her over-refreshed mum home from the same pub
  • got walking company in the early morning hours from a nice Kenyan
  • been on a slightly sleepy ride with Tero (due to this pub thing the night before)
  • been to the Finnish Aviation Museum with my dad
  • updated my blog with new boring nonsense

…but at least I’ve been Very Active, AND enjoying myself! Here’s a few pics from my adventures:


Happier times (Finland-Serbia hasn’t started)

Messerschmitt Bf109

Here’s something for a true enthusiast: this Bf109 only needs some paintwork and loving restauration…

Piloting my Cessna

I’ll never buy a Cessna. I’m just too tall for the cockpit.

Draken trainer

…and never become a fighter pilot. Thats for short guys, like Tom Cruise 😉

Convair Metropolitan

My dad has actually been passenger in Convair Metropolitans like this. Cool.

Karair DC3

This old Karair DC3 is just beautiful. Bet I would even fit into the cockpit of that.

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