End of season for LFC

The season didn’t end as LFC fans would have wished, we’ll have to wait a while for the sixth European trophy.

LFC 4ever

Cheer up lads, next season will be much better!

No great injustice was done, although Milan wouldn’t have deserved the lead in the first half. The feeling in Oslo was great anyway, nearly everyone supports LFC here. In the bar, hundreds of reds where gathered singing all the fan chants that I heard at Anfield a month ago.

Next year we’ll surely see a different Liverpool. Fowler is gone, Hyypia will probably go (depends on what Rafa really plans). First of all they would need one more good striker to join Crouch and Kuyt. Next year will not be trophyless, mark my words 😉 

A bit dissapointed at the result, I hope to have more positive results in the really decisive games in the upcoming two qualifying matches for the Finnish National side. I have tickets to the games too.


  1. Hey dude! LFC played really well at the start. They deserved a lead actually. But looking at them, they took the ball from defence to attack in a wink of the eye, but then failed to do anything more than that( like arsenal). True they need a striker, Crouch cant take it all. He cant just turn around with the ball at the edge of the box. Kuyt is just great.

    Sorry I had got an article on my blog Saying why i hate liverpool (http://pushkr.wordpress.com/2007/05/14/whyi-hate-liverpool-fc/) but i think ill have to delete it looking the way they played at Greece. Milan did it just right and got trough. Like in 2005 Milan were the one who deserved to win cause Liverpool played badly that time.Only Luck got them the trophy that time.
    Still, i am happy for Milan cause LIVERPOOL THREW CHELSEA OUT!!!!!!!![ 😦 ]

  2. I agree on LFC not always playing the most entertaining game under Rafa, but one has to take into account their player budget compared to the one of Chelsea and ManU. They just have to make up the lack of material with a defensive game playing for the result.
    Maybe Rafa’s tactic in the first half of the final was to surpise the opposition with an aggressive style that LFC otherwise only uses against lesser opponents? Who knows, but it was nice to see. The nice thing about the result was that Maldini got another trophy, he is one of the best Italian players ever.
    Next week Finland plays important qualifiers against Serbia and Belgium. Roy Hodgson adapts a tactic where the result is the main thing that counts. Not beautiful to watch, but Finland has missed many qualifiers by playing entertaining football. This time I think it’s ok to try something else.

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