Finally Anfield

We went to Liverpool one ticket short, and the match against Wigan was long sold out. Thus we had to resort to trying to buy a ticket from one of the sleazy profiters outside of the arena. The prices in the morning where four times the original price, so no deal. We waited until the afternoon, but then no sellers were to be seen. Just as I was giving up, already sending my friends to see the match, a suspicious looking guy sold me a ticket at “only” double the price. I took the risk, and the ticket was valid.

Fifth row by the corner flag and close to the Kop (LFC supporter stand). Incredibly good place, I surely bought the best available black market ticket. Sometimes you are just so lucky. Singing You’ll never walk alone with 44000 people. Hearing the Sami (Sunny) chant when Hyypia maybe played his last home game of the season (and he did great).

Sitting so close to the field also gave me the opportunity to get incredible pictures of Gerrard & co warming up at the line as substitutes. I had good company around me too. After the match, the rest of the Saturday was an excursion to Liverpool’s not so quiet night life. All in all yesterday was just a grand day.

Today it rains. Who cares. Can take a day inside. Cheers to anyone up there who provided all the luck needed outside Anfield.

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