A day out at Holmenkollen

To start my transformation towards becoming a proper Norwegian, I of course had to visit Holmenkollen. People here are crazy about winter sports, and many of the proudest moments in Norwegian skiing have occured in and around Holmenkollen.

As usual, I share some pictures for your astonishment and enjoyment:


The chap who tries to look as proud as I do is some French colonel. Really no idea what he is doing at Holmenkollen. Nice moustache, though.


The ski jump is majestic (and of course we took the lift up the tower for a spectacular view over the Oslo surroundings). The ski arena itself is about 400 meters above sea level. Here I will find the hills I so desperately need for my cycle training.


I taught my godchild what to do if he encounters an angry bear.  


This is for all of you who have been wondering what a close encounter with an elk would be like.


Having accomplished the first grade in my education to become more Norwegian, I bravely look forward to spending the upcoming months in this strange and lovely country. At the moment it is snowing outside. Hope they get the same weather in Finland 😉


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